Not many people have anything negative to say about Brock Boeser this season, until J.T. Brown saw his performance in the All-Star accuracy competition.

Boeser has been launched into the spotlight this season, largely due to the elite-level sniping he’s done. Most of the focus is on his release, but he showed off his accuracy as well on Saturday by hitting every target in just 11.136 seconds. It impressed basically everyone on social media, except for Ducks forward J.T. Brown who used this opportunity to chirp Boeser’s Fortnite skills.

For us, the most interesting part about this is that NHL players play Fortnite together. Of course we’ve heard that a bunch of the Leafs players play Fortnite together, but the fact that they are playing together even when they’re not on the same team is amazing.

Perhaps it’s just that Boeser doesn’t have as sweet of a gaming set up as Brown that isn’t letting him shine in their time on Fortnite, but he could definitely afford an upgrade after this weekend.


#BrockBoeser made some serious bank this past weekend 🔥💰

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