First, it was a microwave, and if that household appliance wasn't peculiar enough, the theme of "appliance you find in your kitchen for NBA players to sign" is still holding true.

You may remember the look on Klay Thompson's face after a fan presented him with a toaster to sign back in March of 2017.

If a toaster wasn't strange enough for you, then how about a microwave?

At an autograph signing session in Milwaukee, Bucks big man Brook Lopez was presented with the aforementioned microwave by a Bucks fan with aspirations of getting his signature.

If you're unfamiliar with why Lopez signed it with "Splash Mountain," that's because he's a massive Disney fan and, according to the LA Times, the former Laker purchased property at the Walt Disney World resort, the home of the actual Splash Mountain.

While that's dandy and all, the real question we want to know is if Brooks Lopez gets a microwave signed, then what will his twin brother Robin be asked to sign? A fridge, or maybe a stove?

By the looks of it, that microwave looked relatively new, which is probably for the best because who would want to sign a greasy old microwave anyway?

(h/t For the Win)