Bruce Boudreau continues to proves he’s one of the NHL’s funnier personalities.

The 63-year-old can regularly be seen losing it on the bench and has never been one to express his mind. But his latest antics is just further proof that Bruce Boudreau does what Bruce Boudreau wants, which was proven on the Wild’s current road trip. The team is in Vancouver and experienced a fire alarm in hotel, and although guests were asked to leave the building, Boudreau wasn’t having any of it. His reasoning? Not wanting to walking down the 15 flights of stairs.



Bruce Boudreau does what Bruce Boudreau wants 😂. . (H/T Michael Russo/Twitter)

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That’s about as good as it gets!

Boudreau has given hockey fans some fantastic soundbites in the past. Just recently he shared some pretty memorable words regarding William Nylander’s RFA situation with the Toronto Maple Leafs. Nylander went on to sign with the team later that day.


Uh… what was that Bruce?

Boudreau played 141 games in the NHL so he’s definitely done worse than walk down 15 flights of stairs. Still, that’s a pretty legendary answer.

(H/T Michael Russo)