What's the best way to decide who gets a free puck at a hockey game during warm-up?

Settle it in a good ol' fashioned game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Bruins forward David Pastrnak handed out a souvenir to a pair of Bruins fans prior to Game 5 during warm-up.

The souvenir was only one puck, meaning the two fans had to battle it out to see who would be taking it home.

The boys looked right at Pasta and then went toe-to-toe to determine it.

Just pure awesomeness.

While it would've been great to see them both get a puck, the fact that the Bruins sniper watched through the glass to see the winner tells you that Pastrnak is a downright good human being.

The 23-year-old Czech product is becoming one of the best and most engaging personalities in the NHL.

Unfortunately for Pasta, the Bruins fell 2-1 to the Blues in Game 1, as another David, David Perron, scored a controversial game-winner.

Game 6 goes Sunday in Boston.

(h/t YouTube/NHL)