The 2017 NBA offseason was the stuff of legends. Unless you were a Chicago Bulls fan.

Both Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade were involved in transactions that helped bolster the rosters of playoff bound teams at the expense of the Bulls. If you take a look at the Bulls opening day roster you likely won't recognize a number of the names on the list. In fact, even the Bulls themselves recognize that there are a number of new, not so well-known faces on their team, leading to the creation of this humorous promo. 



Thursday, the Bulls will take on the Toronto Raptors to open up the 2017-18 season. Last season the Raptors managed to snap their 11-game losing streak to the Bulls. Something tells us that the Raptors won't be struggling against the Bulls this year. Especially considering that the Raps just smashed the Bulls in preseason action this past Friday.

Catch the Raptors season opener this Thursday, on TSN. As well as opening night in the NBA, where the Cavaliers will take on the Celtics, and the Warriors will take on the Rockets.