We don't always think of Chicago Bulls' Jimmy Butler as the funniest character in the NBA, but on Monday night in their game against the Detroit Pistons the shooting guard had us in stitches.

After Pistons' Marcus Morris missed his first free throw from the line, his teammates came together at the charity stripe to quickly clap his hand. To basketball players, this is second nature whether a teammate makes or misses his first shot. One thing was different about this particular free throw, though, as a member of the opposing team emerged out of nowhere offering a clap of the hand. It was none other than Butler, and even when Morris completely ignored the offering and returned to the line for his second shot, Butler just stood their with his hand out.



Jimmy Butler's got me dying 😂😂

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An underrated part of the above video is Andre Drummond, who missed the handshake completely and claps his own hand. Absolutely nothing goes right here, and it's kind of amazing.



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