One thing that’s easy to forget is how great of an athlete virtually anyone playing professional sports is across the board. Usually, is a player makes it to the bigs, they are probably pretty talented in other sports as well.

However, when in the locker room, the playing field is pretty even, so it is easy to get a little too confident.

With the amount of competitiveness that goes around in the locker room, there’s a lot of challenges and money exchanging hands. In the latest Cabbie Presents, he finds out about some of the competitions that go on in the Calgary Stampeder’s locker room. Bo Levi Mitchell and Jerome Messam talk about their own competitions and how they might fair against athletes in other sports.


In addition to how they fair on other sports, they also asked the question that every sports fan has wondered at some point in the past couple months, McGregor or Mayweather? Messam and Mitchell were on different sides of the fence for the decision and Cabbie even ended up making a bet with the CFL’s reigning MOP.


Who are you putting your money on?