The San Jose Sharks are one of the most experienced teams in the NHL and currently own the fifth oldest roster in the entire league.

Since some of the key players on the roster happen to be some of the oldest guys on the team, Cabbie put in a little extra work in this edition of Cabbie Presents to help the guys out as he decided to switch up his role as an on-air personality to a mad scientist.

Joined by Joe Thornton, Joel Ward and Logan Couture, Cab put forth his best effort to clone the three members of the Sharks so they can play for many more years.

That wasn’t all the Sharks players and Cabbie got up to on this week's episode, though.

Cab also did a deep dive at several public libraries to find old images from the past including photos from their first skate, old Christmas presents, high school prom, and many others, and he also gave the guys an opportunity to do their best to explain the stories behind the photos.