Game of Thrones fans go through agony every week at 10pm on Sunday’s because they have to wait another 6 days and 23 hours for the next episode…or so they thought.

If you haven’t been paying attention, there has been a Game of Throws going on in Edmonton every week in the CFL. King of the North, Mike Reilly, has been airing it out all season. However, south of the border, another banner man of the Green and Gold has been running the Game of Throws for years – Aaron Rodgers and Reilly are old friends and they caught up through Cabbie’s phone this season.

Reilly is rolling this season and will continue the Game of Throws tonight against the Ticats. The Ticats have struggled significantly this season, so there could be a bloodbath on the field there tonight, which Game of Thrones fans would be no stranger to.

Still, never doubt the underdog, as Zach Collaros tries to rally the troops after a rough week in practice. Just remember, in the Game of Throws, you either win or you lose…It’s not quite as catching as GOT’s catchphrase, but it’s definitely a more fun game to watch.

We’ll have to see if Aaron Rodgers shows up at the northern kingdom at some point this year – it’s been a while since that trade to Canada and we haven’t seen him report for duty.