The playoffs are the most intense time of the year and everyone still playing in the postseason is still locked in. 

Only two first round series have ended, meaning the others could come down to the wire.

The Predators and Stars, for instance, is guaranteed to go 6 games P.K. Subban is locked in and channeling his inner Kobe Bryant or Ray Lewis like he always does when he's on the ice.



#PKSubban is locked in for the NHL playoffs 👀 . On the latest @therealcabbie Presents, Subban taps into the “Mamba Mentality” and talks oversized hats! Watch the full thing on our YouTube Page and tonight on SportsCentre.

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Subban was the latest guest on 'Cabbie Presents' and the former Norris Trophy winner talked about his mentality on the ice, as well as his really, really big hats.


In case you're looking for that Carey Price interview, we've got you covered:


Subban's got some BIG hats, but his style is undeniable and he rocks them.




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Subban's confidence and swagger off the ice translate to his game on the ice and you can bet the hats will only get bigger if the Predators make a deep playoff run.