Ladies and gents, the one, the only, Cabbie Presents Podcast is BACK! This week’s guest? None other than everyone’s favourite bald NHL captain; Ryan Getzlaf.

A veteran of 14 NHL seasons, Getz has basically done it all in the league. A Stanley Cup, All-Star games, team awards, you name it. But he didn’t join Cab to chat about that. Instead, he detailed stuff outside of the rink including his beautiful car collection, frosted tips hairstyle (yes, Getz did in fact have frosted tipperoos back in the day), his mediocre culinary skills and more. Sit back, relax, and enjoy getting to know one of the biggest beauties in hockey.


Not sure Cab… Getz’ 6’4 frame might give him the advantage on the court. What a gem!


And who knew the guy had attitude problems? Seriously though, he’s really got to get on the Game of Thrones train. What’s up with that?!

Cab and Getz go way back. In 2014, the two sat down (along with Corey Perry) to discuss the upcoming Olympics. Cab made sure to take care of the hair situation by gifting his friend with a Russian fur hat.


Two years later and the 33-year-old was back at it, this time ahead of the 2016 World Cup of hockey. Topic of convo? Team Canada’s ‘group chat’.

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