One of the best traditions in hockey is when playoffs roll around, the razors are out away. You won’t see too many NHLers chop of their playoff beard, as the mixture of superstition and tradition takes priority.

Saying that, not all NHLers can grow a beard. It took Sidney Crosby a while to shed the laughs directed at his chin fuzz, guys like Mitch Marner may never be able to grow one. At the moment, Colorado Avalanche star defenceman Cale Makar is certainly feeling the heat.

After eliminating the St. Louis Blues in a quick four games, Makar spoke to the media about his playoff beard, or rather, lack thereof. The 22-year-old got pretty honest about it.

While the beard may be a longshot this year, Makar is hoping that at least some facial hair makes an appearance.

Any guy that’s dealt with the struggles of growing into a beard knows exactly how this guy is feeling. We’re hoping for a ‘Stache, Cale!

(H/T Peter Baugh)