It looks like Super Bowl 50 is still a sensitive topic around Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton

Now, you might think that the results of the 2016 season would be in the past, and you might also think that a high school football camp would be the last place for a NFL player to lose his composure.

You would be wrong, as these kids were able to get a rise out of Newton. It’s unclear what started things, although you can hear somebody asking, “What happened in the Super Bowl?” It’s obvious, though, that Newton is in his emotions over it.

(Warning: NSFW language follows)

On a critical drive late in Super Bowl 50, Newton was memorably stripped of the ball in a turnover; he was widely criticized for not pursuing the loose ball.

Still, it’s easy to clown on Newton for snapping at a bunch of kids, and certainly, it isn’t a great look. With that said, though, kids are savage these days. They aren’t wrong, necessarily, but they sure aren’t making life easy for Newton.

Remember: We grew up roasting each other on the playground, but these kids grew up roasting the entire world on the Internet.

(H/T Twitter/JaheimWise)