Cam Newton finally has found a new home in New England.  The former MVP signed a one-year deal with the Patriots Sunday night and figures to be the starting quarterback now that Tom Brady is in Tampa Bay.

There are a number of things fans and analysts alike are talking about Monday in regards to Cam  such as are the Patriots Super Bowl contenders with Newton or does the fit make sense, but the thing not enough people are talking about is what number 'Super Cam' is going to wear.

Newton rocked No. 1 with Carolina, but that number hasn't been worn by a Patriots player since the 1980s.

Most of the time when a big name like Cam goes to a new team, he would ask the player currently wearing his number if he wants to make a trade for it.  That might prove to be a little difficult in New England, however, because the person who wears No. 1 isn't actually a person, per say.  It's the team's mascot, Pat Patriot.

Pat Patriot used to be No. 0, but a fan approached team owner Robert Kraft and asked if the number could be changed.  Maybe that's all Cam will have to do to get his single digit back.

Or, another option, Cam could rock his college No. 2 that he won the Heisman in while at Auburn.  The only problem is he'll have to get it from fellow QB Brian Hoyer.

(H/T: FTW)