Hockey players can skate, snipe, and celly. But can they dunk?

Our resident squid Jesse Pollock got down to the bottom of it once and for all, with a little help from BarDown’s ‘Dunk Guru’… the one, the only, Mr. Daniel Zakrzewski. As you’re about to see, Jesse didn’t exactly look the part on his first attempt but that all changed with the snap of a finger. Some new attire, practice, and a glass of nutritious cold milk was just what Jesse needed to prove that yes, hockey players can in fact dunk!

… Kind of?


What was the guy thinking trying to dunk in hockey gear like that? WITH BLADES ON THE CONCRETE…. Come on man!! Even basketball players understand that’s a huge no-no for hockey players. Also, did you notice the shades he rocked? Kind of looked like another NBA star who knew how to cram back in his day.


Now the question becomes…. Can basketball players skate? With a nice glass of milk, anything’s possible!!!!

Just make sure to hit the ice in the proper equipment.