Hair, like sticks, pucks, and skates, has been a steadfast part of hockey culture since the game’s inception. 

Every individual player has a certain flair and aesthetic that they bring to their game, and oftentimes, their hair has a lot to do with their personal brand and style.

This was especially evident today, when Leafs’ forward and new Head & Shoulders Headstrong ambassador, Zach Hyman, took the ultimate quiz and attempted to identify all of his teammates, just by their hair.

The results, to say the least, were impressive.



Hyman seamlessly identified ten of his teammates iconic hairstyles, though it’s obvious that some of these guys’ flows have progressed considerably since the snaps were taken at media day. We have a feeling this might have to do with the fact that the Leafs are under new rule, one that does not involve any sort of hair restrictions.

Kasperi Kapanen is definitely rocking a shaggier look than he was when the photos used for the hair quiz were taken, and the greatest omission of them all is definitely William Nylander, who, since his recent signing with the Maple Leafs, has debuted a totally new, and a little bit grisled, look.


While we’re not sure about that particular style choice, we’re definitely impressed by Zach Hyman’s ability to pick out his teammates by their hair. Hyman has proven to be a really multi-talented guy since his debut with the Maple Leafs, and besides the fact that he is a consistent performer for the Buds on the ice, he is also a published children’s author, and the owner and founder of his own ESports company




The takeaway from this is that Zach Hyman is definitely multi-talented, and the Leafs’ hair game is definitely strong.