The NFL season is in full swing! Contenders and pretenders are revealing themselves as such, and us armchair managers at home are lamenting over our latest fantasy football happenings.

However, ahead of the season, we needed to fill the time. To do so, BarDown’s trustee NFL fan Matt Hempstead had Luca, Jeff, Eric, Hein, and Poc participate in the second annual edition of NFL Silhouettes.

The concept is simple; guess the NFL player using only their silhouette as a visual. However, you CAN ask questions. Each participant begins with 10 points per silhouette, and for each question they ask in hopes of identifying the player, it’s -1 point. Yes or no questions only!



Wow, what a showing from Thomas Pocrnic. He essentially smoked the other guys, with Eric placing second, Luca edging Jeff for third, and comfortably down in fifth place – Hein.

If you want to watch the first edition of the game, here ya go:



Which players would you like to see included in the next edition of Silhouettes? Let us know @BarDown!