OHHHHHHH, WE’RE BACK! We hope you’ve been keeping up with your vocal cord exercises, because we’re going to need a big ‘ole “LET’S GO!” out of you in just a few moments.

The quiz returns, and it’s like no quiz you’ve ever seen before. It doesn’t even happen indoors!

The BarDown Team, featuring Jesse, Luca, Marissa, Chris B, Sam, and DZ took to the ice on David Weiss’ absolutely incredible ODR. The rink is located in North York, Toronto, and it was the most beautiful setting within the GTA we could think of. Thanks so much, Dave!

The topic is simple; can you name 50 NHL players that have recorded over 1,000 points. DZ was nice enough to provide a strike, but if you wait longer than 10 seconds or you name a player without 1,000 career points… see ya later!!!

Without further ado, here is the coldest BarDown quiz to date.

In case you read this before seeing the end of the quiz, we won’t spoil it with the name of the winner. But seeing as Corwin, the REIGNING champ, was in Edmonton… does this even count?