Many NHLers wish to be featured on the cover of a video game, but only a few ever get to realize that dream. This year Connor McDavid was announced as the official cover athlete of NHL 18, something that makes perfect sense considering he's indisputably a huge part of the future of the league.

McDavid joins a long list of exceptional players to be featured on the cover of an NHL game...but how well do people remember who was featured on each cover? We asked a bunch of people around the TSN offices to attempt to remember each cover athlete featured on the cover since NHL 10. How hard could it be, right?

Despite having not played a single hockey game since Blades of Steel back in 1988, Gino Reda cruised through the quiz, showing up a few of the young guns around the office -- cough, cough...Luca. Despite Luca's results, we think he would do considerably better if we had done Madden, as only a hardcore football fan would still be wearing a Tim Tebow sweater at the tail end of 2017.