Wait, shhh….


Can you hear that?? Listen closer…



Oh, baby! Quiz days are the best days, and so today is officially the best!

The BarDown squad returns for another quiz, and in this edition they focus on each hockey country’s all-time NHL points leader. Going by current IIHF rankings, a group of participants made up of Jesse, Corwin, Luca, and newcomer Raegan try to determine which current or former NHLer holds each coutry’s national record for NHL points.

Yeah, it starts off easy – Wayner for Canada, Teemu for Finland, Ovi for Russia – but it only gets more complicated from there!



This quiz delivered in so many ways. Not only was it informative and fun to follow along, it also minted at least two new appellations that will surely carry over into future videos.

1. The Billy!

Definition: A guarantee. A play on words based on Bill Guerin. You can thank Jesse Pollock and the hockey culture of Winnipeg for that one.

2. Canada being the most (actually least) humble hockey country.

This comes with the imagery of Corwin McCallum patting himself on the back, as every not-so-humble Canadian hockey player likes to do from time to time.

Honestly, though. None of this qualifies as being the biggest highlight of this quiz. That, quite easily, goes to Mark Messier absolutely big-timing Jesse.

Rest in pieces, Mr. Pollock.