We've quizzed you on The Great One. Now, it's time for some Super Mario action!

DZ put his fellow BarDownskis to the test with what might be the hardest quiz to date. Luca, Corwin, Julia and Jesse battled it out from home to see who of the bunch possesses the most knowledge about arguably the greatest hockey player of all time. A reminder; the new format does NOT eliminate contestants, but instead runs them through 10 questions to see who can get the most right.

This one came down to the wire, give it a watch:


Okay, let's just forget about who won and lost for a moment. Luca, on what planet is Happy Gilmore a hockey movie? Why, because he rocks a Bruins jersey during it? Does that mean Ferri Bueller's Day Off is a hockey movie, too (Cameron Frye rocks a Red Wings jersey throughout the film)?


Back to the quiz... some of those questions were TOUGH. No surprise to see Jesse completely blow it, but even Corwin had trouble with a couple of the answers. Nice try Julia, you were so close but the true champion came through in the clutch!



If this gets 1000 comments I’ll let Jesse touch the belt

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In just 915 games, #66 scored 690 goals and 1,033 assists. What a legend.