The NHL season has wrapped and we’re well into the offseason now, so we thought that it was a good time to test the BarDown Squad on their free agency knowledge. After all, the biggest prize on the market this summer is... the BarDown championship belt.

Can Jesse end his... *checks notes* eight-month winless streak, or will Corwin start Season 3 off with back-to-back wins? Well, you’ll have to watch the quiz to find out.


Frankly, Jesse didn’t deserve to make it past question 8. Aaron Ekblad??? This is a free agency quiz, Jesse! EKBLAD HASN’T EVEN BEEN A FREE AGENT BEFORE. Here’s a quick tip, reader: None of the answers in this quiz are Aaron Ekblad.

If you got your way past this quiz, see if you can tackle Season 3’s first quiz looking back on the 2019 NHL season.