A World Juniors quiz? Can you believe it?!


We can, Z.


The World Juniors have come and gone but it’s never too late to share a little knowledge on every hockey fan’s favourite tournament. Ahead of 2024’s event, DZ had Corwin, Luca, Sam, Jesse and Poc hit the couch for the ultimate quiz that left the fellas stumped one more than one occasion. From one of the members who participated… This writer can assure you that this particular quiz may have been Z’s hardest to date. Not to mention the editing was perhaps his best in this one, too. Sure, it’s already January, but you’re still going to watch this one until the end because it came down to the WIRE. So sit back, kick your feet up, and getcha popcorn ready for one of the most entertaining quizzes to date!



Who else but Luca and Jesse in the finals… that one quick cut to the Ducksworth quiz by Z must have really eaten the Squid up.



And poor Sam. Guy was ready to chuck that lav mic into outer space!


So you’re now up to do with almost everything you should know about the World Juniors… Almost. This year, Corwin and Jesse discovered a new fact about the tournament that could have made for a great true or false question. Did you know that there’s a draft to determine the order of who gets which dressing room at the World Juniors? The order is based on how each country did from the year before, and Corwin went into more detail (while also showcasing each room) in a long-form video.



Honestly… some nice value with Norway off the top!


The J’s are nearly a year away but at least you have all the random facts you need to know about them as action kicks off for the 2025 tournament in Ottawa. Who knows… maybe we’ll see someone break Peter Forsberg’s record?


Then again… probably not.