Alright, listen…

We take great joy in watching NHL teams take the ice and compete for hockey’s greatest prize, but we also find joy in other things. For example, being the writing-based website that we are, we appreciate some mind-nourishing word play.

We’re hoping that you’ve arrived at this web page because you also moonlight as a bit of a ‘Word Nerd,’ because we’ve put together a little activity for you.

An anagram is when you take a word or phrase and scramble up the letters to make a different word or phrase. A well-known use of this function is when Harry Potter writer J.K. Rowling included an anagram in the series’ 2nd book, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, to help reveal Tom Riddle’s real identity.

Tom Marvolo Riddle” scrambled up turns into “I am Lord Voldemort.”

Anyway, that’s enough Potter talk, let’s get back to hockey talk.

We’ve put together some anagram based on NHL team names. Sometimes they’ll include the city name along with them, and other times they won’t. Can’t make it too easy for you!

Answers at the bottom of the post, and without further ado, here are your NHL team anagrams:

Bin Bro Snouts


Cashier Run


A Dance Sin


A Subject Elk


Grams Cafe Ally


Dear Sport


Female Pals


Inept News Jig


How many did you get? Scroll down to see the answers!







Keep going…








Almost there…








So how are you, anyway?








Okay, we’re good…



Bin Bro Snouts = Boston Bruins


Cashier Run = Hurricanes


A Dance Sin = Canadiens


A Subject Elk = Blue Jackets


Grams Cafe Ally = Calgary Flames


Dear Sport = Predators


Female Pals = Maple Leafs


Inept News Jig = Winnipeg Jets


How many did you get? Let us know @BarDown!