It seems like every morning Canadians have a new bunch of medals to wake up to as their total count reaches double digits at the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Most of the medals to this point have come from the mountain (Freestyle skiing, Snowboard Slopestyle), but today was from all over the map. The biggest win came for Canada’s mixed doubles curling team, Kaitlyn Lawes and John Morris who snagged the first curling gold medal of these Olympics, to no Canadians surprise.

Regardless of if they were expected to win or not, Canadians were still pumped about their third gold medal of the tournament.

Then, the other medals started rolling in. All within an hour’s time, Canada snagged three separate medals. Alex Gough and Kim Boutin added two bronze to Canada’s medal count bringing the total to 10 with three golds, four silver and three bronze.