Canada is back in the gold medal game! After taking care of last year’s other finalist, Russia, in the semi-final round, they’ll get the United States in what’s going to be a highly-anticipated matchup between the two teams that have looked the best at the World Juniors so far.


So far, Canada stands as the WJ’s last undefeated team, with the chance to go without a loss the entire way through if they can capture gold against the U.S. (which dropped a round robin game against Russia to begin the tournament).

An even more impressive way of looking at things, though, is the fact that opposing teams have not been able to score an even-strength goal against Canada so far. Not one! Canada has allowed just four goals against (with 33 goals scored), and all four have come in power-play situations.

Canada leads the World Juniors in goals scored as well as goals against, so there’s definitely a lot of hype for this team going into the gold medal game.

Just about everyone has been getting it done, but we really have to show love for Devon Levi’s work in net. If we’re going to talk about how Canada hasn’t allowed a single even-strength goal so far, then we definitely have to talk about how Levi has tied the World Juniors shutout record — with a chance to claim the record outright if he can stand on his head once more in the gold medal game.