Copa America is some of the most aggressive soccer competitions there are when it comes to world soccer. Rivalries renew with a country’s pride on the line, it doesn’t get much more intense than that.

Saying that, we decided to take the opportunity to implement a little FRIENDLIER competition. Welcome back to “Called Out!” where, essentially, we ask teammates to sewer each other.

We’ve done this with various teams, such as the Leafs, Sens, Jets, Team Canada women’s hockey, and the Canadian Men’s National Team ahead of World Cup. Well guess what, we got the Men’s team again ahead of Copa America, a tournament in which they have now qualified for the quarterfinals.

From questions like “who is most likely get Messi’s shirt” (a question that is now answers; Phonzie got it), to “which teammate has the most oddly specific routine?” there is A LOT covered in one video.



Which was your favourite answer? Did any of this surprise you? Make sure you leave comments on the YouTube video!

In case you missed the first edition, here it is: