*Inhales deeply*

Ahh, you smell that? The smell of month-old Christmas tree and hockey-bag stench? That's the kind of smell that can only indicate one thing. World Juniors, baby!

The World Junior Championship returns after just a few months removed from the re-scheduled August tournament, renewing our excitement a little quicker than usual. One of the most highly-anticipated hockey tournaments of the year, the World Juniors showcases tomorrow's stars as they battle for Juniors supremacy on the international stage. Some of the best hockey moments in history have come as part of the World Juniors tournament, and the 2023 edition is sure to deliver!

With a star-studded Team Canada trying to live up to expectations at this year's tourney, we decided to get to know the players a little more. Sure, we could scour Wikipedia pages or stat sheets to get to know the guys on-ice, but to get to know them off-ice, we went straight to the source; the players themselves!

We came up with a series of fun questions and had Canadian players deem which of their teammates is 'most likely to." You may have seen similar videos from our NHL media day content, or even for Canada's Men's National Soccer Team. 

Despite some of the players only getting to know each other during training camp, they seemed to all have a pretty good idea of who belonged where when put on the spot. 

Some of the questions garnered a mixed-bag response, but the best is when every single player chooses the same guy for one of the questions. Looking at you, Olen Zellweger!


You can catch all the World Juniors action on TSN as hockey superpowers battle for a shot at Juniors glory!