During Canada’s game against South Africa at the Rugby World Cup, lock Josh Larsen was ejected after being given a red card for an illegal tackle to Thomas De Toit.

Sure! Red cards and even illegal tackles aren’t necessarily all that uncommon in sports, but Larsen went out of his way to visit the South Africa changing room after the game to apologize for his hit. It’s a classy gesture on his part, and it was received as such by the team.


β€œI'm pretty gutted about it, I just wanted to come and apologize face-to-face and wish you guys all the best for the rest of the tournament,” said Larsen.

As the clip picked up steam around the internet, Larsen was praised widely for the gesture. This is definitely one of those things that make you feel a sense of pride to be Canadian.

Unfortunately, Canada fell to 0-3 at the Rugby World Cup with their loss to South Africa. They’ll get one more chance to go home with a win against Namibia on Sunday

h/t Twitter/RugbyCanada