This morning FIFA held a live vote to decide who would win the 2026 World Cup bid and the two hosts to choose from (Unless voters opted to choose no one) were Morocco and a combination of Canada, USA and Mexico.

Obviously, Canadians were hoping that the United bid of the North American countries would win because it would mean that for the first time in World Cup history, games would be held on Canadian soil. There have been a lot of reactions to the news, most people overjoyed with the opportunity for the country and others excited about how it could grow the sport in North America.

While there are still some details to be sorted out, having games held in Canada will be a huge deal. The three cities that were in the original proposal are Edmonton, Montreal and Toronto, so if you want to go, you better start planning now.

While it’s still eight years away, we’re sure people will be as excited as we approach the tournament as they were this morning.


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