Earlier this month, the Tom Dundon finalized a deal to become the majority owner of the Carolina Hurricanes and despite the low attendance numbers this season (second lowest in the league at an average of 12,059), he's all in on making it work in Carolina.

Dundon has shared his thoughts on the low attendance numbers and what he had to say was very interesting to say the least.

The only thing more interesting and impactful than that quote is the plan Dundon will be implementing Tuesday night when the Hurricanes host the Senators.

In order to make the lower bowl of the Hurricanes' arena as loud as possible, Dundon is inviting fans that purchased tickets to watch the game in the upper bowl to watch the game in the lower bowl in an assigned seat or suite.

The strategy is unlike anything we've seen before, but Dundon has made it a priority to fill the lower bowl for games and with the playoff push heating up, it's the perfect time to try this plan out.

“We’re going to let the people who want to come down and get a better experience. I think we’re going to run out of tickets so we’re going to have to open up suites … to make sure we take care of as many people as we can.”

Obviously fans that enjoy watching up top can keep their seats, but we imagine most fans will take advantage of this great opportunity to cheer on their team and experience the game from a different point of view.

“I think it would be awesome if there’s nobody up there but it might end up there’s a few because people have their preferences,” Dundon said. “I’m hoping they all want to come down and get it closer and make it louder. That’s the goal, to make this more the playoff-type environment.”

Entering play Tuesday night, the Hurricanes are four points back of a playoff spot and the game against the Sens is the first of eight-straight home games.

As per Chip Alexander who covers the Hurricanes, since Dundon took over ownership, the Hurricanes have averaged 15,587 fans per game, so clearly he's doing something right and if all goes well with his latest plan, Carolina could do it again for future games.

“I would expect we would do it again because I like the idea,” he said. “We’ll see how it goes and how loud it gets. If it’s loud and I think it’s an advantage I think we’re going to try and do it more. We’ll find out.”

(H/T: Chip Alexander)