Hundreds of thousands of Capitals fans welcomed the Stanley Cup winning champions back to Washington on Tuesday to celebrate the first championship in the city of Washington since the Redskins won the Super Bowl in 1991.

One fan who came down to witness all the raucous fans and Capitals players celebrate the big win up close was a 12-year-old girl named Sophia Michnick.

Michnick came down to the celebration with her dad and brother,. The dad and son decided to set up shop at the Caps final destination where they had a rally so they could could get a first hand view of the Caps taking the microphone, while Sophia decided to follow the team on the parade route out on the street.

Whenever there’s a large crowd of people condensed in one area, cellphone networks are prone to can have trouble connecting to their network due to the amount of signals trying all to connect in close relations. If you've been to a big musical festival or a championship celebration, then you likely have lost service at some point. 

Michnick couldn’t properly utilize her phone because of the lack of service at the parade, and unfortunately lost contact with her father and brother.

That’s when Sophia reached out to a pair of MPD officers to notify them that she lost contact with her father.

Wearing a T.J. Oshie’s No. 77, the police officers brought the teary-eyed teen to a place that would surely bring a smile to her face: right next to the Stanley Cup in front of Alex Ovechkin.

As you could see, Ovechkin and the Caps were right in her vicinity, which would surely make any Caps fan happy.

"I was scared, I wish I could go back in time and high five the players, cause I was looking at them. I wish I'd said something. I could have high fived so many of them," Sophia told WUSA9.

Sophia’s fad eventually realized that he couldn’t reach his daughter, so he decided to track down a police officer, who then went on his radio and reached out to his coworkers. The dad and the son got to join Sophia in player’s only tent.

What started out as a frightful situation for the young girl and her family turned into one of the coolest moments of the Michnick’s lives.

(h/t Bruce Leshan/WUSA9)