We’re basically becoming a Capitals fan page at this point because the team is just too fun to take our eyes off ever since they won the Stanley Cup.

Not only are they the most fun thing to follow in sports right now, but they’re also unbelievable at documenting their own journeys with the Cup. Whether it’s one of the wives/girlfriends, a lucky fan or the players themselves, it seems like no moment is missed by the cameras. At the parade, several player stories are going all out on Instagram and Nastasiya Ovechkin is pumping out content as usual.

Jakub Vrana, Tom Wilson and Nastasiya all captured the same moment (at different times) of a fan holding a giant “Ovechkin for President” sign.



Early favourite for best sign at the Caps parade 🎊 🎉 . (Via: @jakubvranaa)

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After the speech he gave in front of the White House, the fact that he wasn’t born in America might be one of the only things stopping him from running. He has to be the most popular man in the States right now.

The question is, would you vote for Ovechkin or Phil Kessel as president.



Get out and vote tm you don't want the wrong person elected! #pk2017

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