Despite being billed from Charlotte, North Carolina in his wrestling career and living there, Ric Flair is apparently not a Panthers fan, but rather an Atlanta Falcons fan.

That tweet from earlier in the season all but confirms Flair's allegiance has now shifted to the division rivals of the Panthers, and if you're still not convinced, Flair tweeted this video out for all Falcons fans.

Safe to say Flair is on the Falcons' bandwagon, and we can't really blame him.  Sure, he might get called out for it, but that's not a big deal, right?

Well, apparently it's a big deal to Charles Johnson who plays for the Panthers and decided to respond to the video and start a heated exchange with the "Nature Boy."

We're not sure who wins this one, but seeing as Johnson will be watching the game from home this year rather than playing in it, we'll give the victory to Flair and his Falcons.


Plus, if Flair wanted to add even more salt to the wound, he could have brought up the two regular season meeting against the Panthers this season.

Both times Atlanta came out on top, and if you remember, the Falcons ended Carolina's perfect season last year, so it's been all ATL for the last little while.

(H/T: FTW)