The Carolina Hurricanes have been absolutely killing it with post game celebrations lately in a totally unprecedented way. 

The Canes introduced their new ‘Storm Surge’ celebration this year, where they defy the normal raising of sticks to acknowledge fans after a home victory, and instead, rally the crowd in a thunderous clap, then skate down the ice as a group to jump gleefully into the boards.

We love it.

Tonight, when they came back not once, but twice, from two-goal deficits, to defeat the San Jose Sharks, the Canes raised the celebration bar yet again.

It all started when Dougie Hamilton was named a star of the game, and he came out with the most epic floss in hockey history.


Then, somehow, it got better.

The Canes commenced their wild clapping and began their skate, then hit the breaks, put it in reverse, and did the ROWBOAT.


They definitely lose some points for dragging a camera cord and probably breaking something expensive, but we’re definitely hoping more NHL teams follow suit with these unreal cellys.

(H/T Twitter)