Wednesday, the Ducks beat the Oilers to advance to the Western Conference final and Friday night they opened their series against Nashville at home.

Although the game started at 9:00pm on the east coast, which isn't very late, for anyone in Anaheim, Game 1 started at 6:00pm, which is obviously earlier than normal.

As a result, there were a lot of empty seats at the Honda Center for the start of the game, and fans were quick to point out that fact.

Not only did fans notice the numerous empty seats, but Carrie Underwood did as well, and she fired a shot at Ducks fans.

As many hockey fans know, Underwood is married to Predators captain Mike Fisher and she's as big a Predators fan as anyone.

The shot fired is a ruthless one, but there is an explanation as to why there are so many empty seats.

As per Pierre LeBrun, the Ducks confirmed to him that Game 1 is indeed sold out, so timing and the fact that there is also an Angels game happening explain why there were so many empty seats.There really isn't any down time for the remaining teams in the NHL playoffs.

Give it some time, hockey fans, the building will be full, but Ducks fans, Underwood's tweet is also a challenge for next game, don't forget that.

(H/T: Carrie Underwood)