Big shoes are no rare-feat in the NBA, so when several players are in awe of the size of a pair of sneakers, you know they’re big.

Edy Tavares has to have the biggest feet in the NBA. While there is no official confirmation of his shoe size anywhere, there is an article on the Atlanta Hawks website that states that a size-22 shoe once fit him perfectly. That would tie him with Shaq for the biggest shoe in NBA history and no doubt would put him at the top of the list for active players.

Hearing “Size 22” is hard to imagine, but luckily you don’t have to. Channing Frye posted these videos to his snapchat of his shoes in the Cavs locker room.


Cavs center Edy Tavares has the biggest pair of Air Force 1’s I’ve ever seen. 😅 (via Channing Frye/Snapchat)

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We’re not sure if that’s the biggest Air Force One ever made, but it’s definitely the biggest one we’ve ever seen. As Kay Felder says at the end of the video, you could live in those things.

Channing Frye also joked that the shoes were like orthotics for Andre the Giant, but we’re pretty sure Edy Tavares is bigger than Andre.