When you think of Chad Johnson, likely the first person that comes to mind is the former NFL wideout that very well could be on his way to the Hall of Fame thanks to a fantastic career with the Bengals.


Hockey fans, though, may think of the 31-year-old goalie that played for the Calgary Flames last season.

Saturday, Johnson the hockey player got traded to the Arizona Coyotes.

Obviously word of the trade got out pretty quickly and Chad Johnson the football player actually reacted to the deal making for a pretty sweet moment.

For those that don't know, Johnson might be somewhat of a hockey fan, or at the very least he may follow along with the sport in some capacity.

Now that the trade has been made official, there's one question hockey fans have for Ocho:

At this point, Arizona could use all the help they can get, and you know what they say, two players with the same name are better than one, even if one has never played an NHL game before (He's got the trash talk, though).

(H/T: Chad Johnson)