We hope we never see the day in which advertisements are on hockey jerseys, but that day could be coming soon, especially now that it's already happened in the NBA.

A hockey team is a business and ads help make money for said business, so whether teams put ads on jerseys or on the ice, they profit in the end.  

Obviously there are ads on the boards and ice in every arena, but this season it there will be a few more advertisements on the ice:

We knew ads in the corners of the ice were coming (they are new for this year, but the announcement was made back in April) and the NHL actually tested the new ad positions out during the All-Star game in Tampa and the exhibition games in China prior to last season.

As per Ian Thomas of SBJ (Sports Business Journal), these will be "the first new pieces of inventory the league has added inside the rink since the 1990s."

(H/T: /r/hockey