Hockey is a violent sport, but it's that a player isn't expecting that fans and players want to see eliminated from the game, not body checking as a whole.

Injuries are going to happen, that's just the nature of the sport, but they can be prevented by making smart and clean hits, the exact opposite of what you're going to see from the CHL.

Former NHLer Daniel Paille was on the receiving end of an absolutely brutal hit he never saw coming from Thomas Larkin in a game against Adler Mannheim.

After that brutal hit, things got heated towards the end of the game after another questionable hit.

Wednesday, the CHL handed out suspensions to Larkin (4 games), his teammate Nikolai Goc (1 game, check to the head) and head coach Sean Simpson (1 game) for what happened in the Round of 16 game.

As for Paille, he suffered a concussion on the hit and we hope he recovers quickly so he can get back to doing what he loves, playing hockey.

(H/T: Robert Soderlind)