In real life, the Toronto Raptors have made the NBA Finals. It's a franchise history first, and even though the Warriors loom as a been-there-done-that threat, there's some real energy in the fans right now. It's an exciting time!

Time will tell how the Raptors fare, but we can find out how you do right here, right now.

Let's see how you navigate some of these moments from the playoffs. We're talking about playoff matchups, some of the best players in the league, make-or-break franchise moments, and, well, Drake. How far can you get? Can you get to the Finals? Can you win it all?

This sound intense? Don't worry! We'll start easy — it's the first round of the playoffs. It'd be hard to mess this one up, right?

You meet adversity early, though. It's Game 1 of the playoffs against the Magic, and Kyle Lowry goes scoreless. D.J. Augustin (D.J. Augustin!) drops 25, including the dagger three-pointer, against him. What's your adjustment for Game 2?

>>Feed the ball to Kawhi Leonard.

>>Feed the ball to Pascal Siakam.