The Chicago Cubs aren't quite the Golden State Warriors of Major League Baseball, but seeing as they just won the World Series and are very good for the first time in a long time, the comparison is fair.

Of course, with success comes bandwagon fans, and during Chicago's World Series run last year, we imagine there were a lot of people that wanted to tag along for the ride, which is totally fine.

As Warriors fans discovered, though, you have to be prepared to defend your fandom when you cheer for a championship team.

The 'Bandwagon Cam' has become very popular and it's really only used by certain teams and when certain teams are in town.

Golden State is one of those teams, and as we found out Saturday, the Cubs are as well.



The Reds owned these Cubs fans πŸ˜‚ (via @reds)

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The fact that the Reds showed the fans on screen for a bit before a funny comment ruined the moment made the trolling even better.

Cubs fans will have the last laugh, though, as they won the first game of the series on Friday night and topped the Reds Saturday 12-8 thanks to the long ball and a triple from a pitcher.

(H/T: Sports Illustrated)