Claude Giroux is one player that always seems to be overlooked.

He put 102 points last season (Second in the league) and wasn’t even considered for the Hart trophy. Not only that, but he was stuck with an 89 rating in NHL 19, which fans weren’t very happy with. If you don’t think he’s underrated, just watch the following drill and you’ll know how ridiculous his skills really are.



Claude @28cgiroux has nicer hands than any Sears catalogue watch and ring model to ever exist. If his handles were any better the @NHL would make this lunatic play with a ringette stick. If he had any more puck control he would have to charge the league a rental fee to use his biscuits. You couldn't strip this guy if he was hired for a bachelorette party. I feel like his parents made him silk Michael jackson gloves as a child to preserve his hands. This guy could keep the puck on his stick and break every time record if they combined crashed ice and American ninja warrior, with 6 snipers in the rafters. CMON!!!!!! : : #giroux #nhl #handsteam @barstoolsports @spittin_chiclets #mitts #mittens #hands #smooth #smoothoperator #dangles #training #gopro #hockey #legend #allstar #hockey #filthy #showoff #philadelphiaflyers #philly #phillycheesesteak #claude #captain

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Shoutout to Mike Johnson, one of the best analysts in the game feeding those pucks to Giroux. He was a pretty great player in his heyday, but even he was just amazing by this display of skill.

There’s not many people who can dangle like Giroux, but one of them was also showing off some of his skills on the ice. Patrick Kane doesn’t just dangle, he’s got one of the best backhands in the league as well.


ICYMI: Patrick Kane’s backhand is filthy.

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