The Cleveland Indians are on a historic run right now, tying an American League record with their 20th straight win last night.

Only one other team in the MLB has done this before: The Oakland Athletics.

You may know of their winning streak because the season it happened is one of the most famous in baseball history. It was the season where the legend of Billy Beane and Money Ball grew. The season was 2002 when Scott Hatteberg hit a walkoff homerun to clinch the 20th win. So, last year, when the Indians lost after a 14-game winning streak, the Athletics tweeted this.

Just over a year later, the Cleveland Indians’ social media team was able to take their revenge.

Actually, to be honest, this was the second time they got revenge. They sent out an absolutely savage response last year after Oakland tweeted that, and it’s a tweet that Blue Jays fans will especially appreciate.