Coco Gauff’s incredible journey at the Australian Open continues. She took down the defending Australian Open champion, Naomi Osaka, in the third round to advance to the top 16. Gauff won her match over Osaka in Rod Laver Arena, named after the Australian tennis great. In Gauff’s post game interview, she was asked if she had met Laver yet. 


The meeting between the two is well overdue at this point, but it looks like Gauff’s request for a meeting will lead to a get together shortly. 

It’s hard to believe but Coco Gauff is only 15 years old. We often forget about her age due to her insane abilities on the court. However, she keeps reminding us how young she is in these post-match moments. After her second round win, Gauff admitted that she’s excited to get her driver’s permit so that she can drive herself to Chick-Fil-A. 

(H/T Twitter/WTA)