The Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor press tour is finally over and now fans can look forward to the two competitors finally going at it on August 26th.

If you weren't excited for the fight, the press tour probably changed that thanks to all of the thrash talk and money-throwing that occurred.

In each city (Los Angeles, Toronto, New York, London), there was one moment from each press conference that stood out above the rest for a variety of reasons.

Friday, the moment we thought that was most memorable from the final presser was when it was Mayweather's turn to talk and just before doing so, he took McGregor's microphones so he couldn't talk.

Unfortunately for Floyd, Conor was the more thoughtful person in this situation as he simply went over to Mayweather's table, took his mic and delivered another chirp.

Conor was much quicker and smarter in that moment, and it made Floyd look pretty bad.

Luckily now that the press tour is over, the only thing the thrash talk is good for is the fight promo.

Once it's fight night, the only thing that will matter is who comes out on top in the ring.



It's on. Who you got? #Mayweather #McGregor

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