First off, for those that don’t know, BarDown’s official hockey team… is now the OFFICIAL champion of our beer league.



That’s pretty impressive, considering half the time the players are producing some sort of content, often at a disadvantage to their own team.

However, recently, Corwin and Eric decided to tape a piece of content that may actually help the team… imitating one of the greatest players of all time!

Corwin showed up to the rink where Eric was waiting with two Sidney Crosby jerseys. His idea was to challenge Corwin to do his best imitation of Sid the Kid, and had a list of Crosby-isms for Corwin to check off.

They are as follows…

  • Copy Crosby’s exact warmup
  • Don’t talk to your mom or sister on game day
  • Do some Mohawk skating to circle the opponent’s zone
  • Do tight turns in the corners
  • Do the Golden Goal celebration if you score
  • Complain to the refs at least five times
  • Try at least three backhand shots
  • Bat the puck out of the air at least once

To make the challenge a little more reasonable to complete, Eric only requested that Corwin complete five of the eight missions. Let’s see how he did…



In the end, Corwin was not able to complete Eric’s challenge! Here are the Crosby tasks he was able to complete:

  • Don’t talk to mom/sister. Although, he did call them to tell them he couldn’t talk to them. A little sketch if you ask me.
  • Do Crosby’s exact warm up routine. While there was no McDonald’s logo on the ice, Corwin made it work as best as he could.
  • Tight turns in the corner. While they weren’t quite as tight as Sid’s, Cwe can only really ask Corwin to do so much when it comes to mimicking Crosby’s on-ice abilities.
  • Golden Goal celly. The celly itself was actually pretty good, but it was a little weird to have his teammates just skate away from him. It didn’t quite bring the same sort of yard sale that a 2010 Olympic gold did.

Honestly, we heard him complain to the refs a number of times. Maybe that could have counted as a 5th task completed, but with the phone call to his mom funny business we’re sticking with the verdict: FAILURE.

Besides, this way we get to watch Corwin chug 3L of milk before playing hockey. Is anyone really arguing against that outcome?