It’s begun. Some say it’s impossible, we say… it’s IMPROBABLE.

Our resident NHL 20 enthusiast Corwin is trying to take down The Great One in a virtual journey only a very certain kind of person would embark on. Live streaming on Twitch, Corwin is in control of Jeff Beukeboom Jr. in Be A Pro mode, and he’s on a quest to break Wayne Gretzky’s single season records in Goals (92), Assists (163), and Points (215).

After four games, Corwin has managed to record six points (3 goals, 3 assists). So, yeah… We could be here a while.

Early in the stream, Corwin’s spirits are high! We’ll see how that changes as the day, the night, and maybe even tomorrow transpire.


We’re all rooting for you JBJ! To check in on the stream, hit this link!