Even hockey diehards would be forgiven for not having heard of Mario Kempe, a 29-year-old veteran of the international game who made his NHL debut in 18 games with the Arizona Coyotes.

So let’s just take this as a reminder that even the NHLers you don’t know could take you to school in all kinds of new, unexplored and unnecessarily showy ways.

Just about any goalie we know would start throwing hands as soon as anyone tries to get fancy on them, but we’re all for the unnecessary fancy. Let's get more NHLers into figure skating lessons, if it means more disrespect like this on the ice.

If you miss real game action in hockey, the KHL season got started up today, and it was none other than former Oiler Nail Yakupov potting the season’s first goal with a resourceful score from his knees.


h/t Twitter/HeyBarber