The days are ticking closer to December 1st’s deadline to sign restricted free agents and Toronto’s very own William Nylander is still looking for a contract. So with his future in Toronto looking murky, many are logically starting to speculate what might happen with the 22-year-old. TSN’s Craig Button addressed the situation on Leafs Lunch and proposed a pretty interesting trade involving the Chicago Blackhawks. He had a one-for-one swap in mind with a player who’s already moved around the league a couple of times; forward Brandon Saad. The idea was discussed with Mike Johnson and Andy Petrillo

Should the Leafs consider a Nylander-for-Saad trade?

Saad has at times been stellar in the league but it hasn’t been smooth sailing for him over the past few seasons. In 2016, the 26-year-old notched a career-high 31 goals but combined for just 42 over the next two seasons. In 19 games he has just six this season, though a move onto Auston Matthews’ could very well change that. When you take into account Saad’s veteran presence as a two-time Stanley Cup champ, the trade doesn’t seem all that farfetched.



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Meanwhile, rumours have stirred about the Carolina Hurricanes expressing interest in Nylander’s services. However, general manager Don Waddell confessed he hasn’t spoken directly with his agent Lewis Gross and Justin Williams stated earlier today that he hasn’t heard much chatter about it within the organization.

Quiet in Carolina: Williams insists Nylander is off the radar

The next 10 days are going to be very, very interesting.